Photography is amazing and it has been a passion of mine for over ten years. Photography allows anyone to freeze a moment in time and save it forever. Throughout my career, I have had the pleasure of photographing everything from couples celebrating their engagement and marriage, to actors on stage for film making sets, to a truck driving at a speed of about 90 miles / hr.
I became interested in photography just before my senior year in high school. I started out using my dad’s old Minolta manual Camera. I purchased a Nikon Digital SLR Camera just in time for my first photography class when I decided to go professional with my passion. I found the whole process of making photographs amazing. I loved looking through the viewfinder and framing shots, digital photography became something I couldn’t get enough of.
After my first photography class, I attended a local community college in Worcester, MA (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) and studied Computer Information Systems. After completing my studies at the community college, I moved to Minnesota. Still eager to learn more about photography, I enrolled at the local KRS Computer and Business School where I studied Photography and Web design and graduated in 2003. Having a good background in computer technology and designs has allowed me to move easily into digital photo processing. I now owned and operate a Photo Studio in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota (Photo Shop Portrait Studio and Digital Imaging). These experiences have allowed me to shoot beautiful portraits in studio, concerts and amazing weddings in some incredible locations.
I also continued to refine my skills by shooting for The Pan African Magazine, Liberian Voice Magazine, and occasional wedding. While studying at KRS Computer and Business School, I met a beautiful woman named Aissatu. I graduated from KRS Computer and Business School in 2013 and married Aissatu the same Year.
My passion for photography caused Aissatu and I to open a photo studio (Photo Shop Portrait Studio and Digital Imaging) located at the International Mall in Brooklyn Center, Next to SUN Foods. Whenever possible I love to use my passion and skills to give back to many charities and organizations.
Although the medium has changed and continues to change photography is something I will always love.

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